TurnulCHURCH “John the Baptist” in VASLUI

Among the historical monuments that Vaslui can be proud is the Church of St. John, located in the city center on Stefan cel Mare Street, a short distance from the station and the bridge Bârladului. The church is in the back yard, fenced by iron and requires slenderness, proportion and ornamentation external beautiful. It is dedicated to “Beheading of St. John the Baptist” and is built by Stephen the Great, it was built in 1490.

Church of St. John the Baptist’s church rebuilt in the style of Stephen the Great, under a double influence: the Byzantine and Gothic prevalent. Byzantine influence is manifested by church built in trefoil, with side aisles with semicircular arches and vaults; and Gothic influence becomes evident by the following elements:

– The slim church, with high walls also Western cathedrals; 
– Exterior buttresses needed to strengthen the high walls and heavy to withstand pressure and vaults; 
– Form oglivală employed the windows and doors of the church entrance that give you the impression that you are in front of a Gothic monument. 
– How and how it worked at the frame carved stone doors and windows, buttresses at the base and tablets.