Cultural activities

Moments of artistic exaltation at the “St. John the Baptist “: The Vasluiians, chanted by PS Ignatie

On Saturday night the angels descended on the ground and incarnated in beautiful church faces and young people who offered moments of high artistic delight through a concert of carols that those who filled the Church ” John the Baptist “will not soon forget him.

It has become a tradition for Vaslui Town Hall to indulge the locals with true cultural masterpieces at the Christmas threshold. This time, at the “St. John the Baptist “concerts the chorus of the priests of the Huşilor Diocese, the soloist Raluca Radu, the” Fantasia “choir, the chorus of the Vaslui Orthodox Youth Association and the choir of the church.

As always, Vasile Negura’s “Fantasia” picked up many applause thanks to the vocal purity, which brought the ancestral carol close to the souls of those present. Ceremony Master Sorin Popoiu also crafted words, abusing metaphors to give importance to such an event. He succeeded in impressing PS Ignatius, the Bishop of Hsu, reminding him of the beauty of his native places.

The end came to PS Ignatie, who enlightened the Vaslui with two carols, interpreting the high prelate vibrating with emotion and causing tears of happiness.

“Thank you twice. First of all, for those who have walked before us and have been caroling, managing to comfort our hearts and souls and to translate our atmosphere of light, with great joy to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been careful of all the faces of those who have come to our carols, it did not seem to me, but it is a certainty that all of them had their faces full of light. I thank you once again because I did not feel this evening in Vaslui, but in Transylvania. Most of the carols, almost all, are from Transylvania. Thank you Mr. Popoiu for how well he talked about my native village, as I would not have imagined anyone could do it. I do not want to feel in Transylvania this year, but I want to feel in Vaslui, “PS Ignatie, bishop of Huşilor, said.

Mayor Vasile Paval, present every time at the concert, announced that the Saturday evening event was just beginning, on Friday, December 22, following another concert of carols with guests from Maramures.